Exchange 2016: Guided Migration from Exchange 2010 to 2016

I am sure you have enjoyed our Exchange 2013 Coexistence Guide here which was one long blog.

For Exchange 2016 I have decided to divide it into multiple blogs to allow you to complete one component at a time.

Prior to moving to the migration, you need to design your exchange resource requirement and run the Jetstress on the storage. So have a look at this blog of mine to design your exchange.

Here are the migration steps:

Step 1. Install Exchange 2010 SP3 RU11. Check the blog here.

Step 2. Preparing Active Directory for Exchange 2016. Check the blog here.

Step 3. Install Exchange 2016 prerequisites. Check the Blog here.

Step 4. Install Exchange 2016 Server. Check this Blog for unattended installation here.

Step 5. Exchange 2016 CAS configuration:

There are 2 parts of the CAS configuration URLs and Authentications. Multiple active sites add more complexity.

Multiple active site URL namespace configuration expectation is explained here.

Multiple Active and Active/passive CAS URLs are explained here.

    Block the access of EAC from internet has been explain here

    Authentication will work as mentioned here – Internet Facing AD site should have Basic True and Windows integrated false. For non-internet facing AD site Windows integrated should be true.

We can use this script to configure all the servers CAS URLs here.                                                                                        .

Step 6. Exchange 2016 DAG and Mailbox Database configuration. Check this blog which was originally written for Exchange for 2013 at the same time we have to follow the same steps. here.

Step 7. Exchange 2016 Mail Routing configuration. Check the Blog here.

Step 8. Cut-Over – TBA

Step 9. Migrate the mailboxes – TBA

Step 10. Public Folders Migration has been explained here.

Step 11. Removal of Legacy Exchange -TBA

Prabhat Nigam

CEO @ LAEXUG Foundation | CTO @ Golden Five Consulting


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