Global Azure Bootcamp 2019: Hollywood

The Global Azure Bootcamp is a free one-day global event driven by Microsoft MVPs/RDs, Cloud experts, Evangelist, and Community Leaders. The sessions will help both new learners and experienced professionals in learning new things about the Microsoft cloud.

This is LAEXUG Foundation is hosting this event in Hollywood at the Microsoft Playa Vista office. We are always thankful to Microsoft for sponsoring the location.

The Global Azure Bootcamp is growing every year. This year around 200 cities participating in this Global event which will run for almost 30 hours. We will have deep dive expert sessions by Microsoft cloud experts which will help you become stronger in your career.

We are excited to be part of this global event and invite you to join us. Come and be part of this Global event. The conference will open for the registration at 8:30 AM. We will have our 1st session at 9:00 AM and sessions will continue until 5:00 PM.

We have plenty of food and drinks available for you.

We welcome all the attendees with volunteers, sponsors, and speakers.

Conference Schedule

Session Description:

Office 365: Use AD Group to Assign Office 365 Licenses

This session will cover the steps to configure on-premises Active Directory Group to assign Office 365 licenses.

Microsoft Office 365 Data Loss Prevention – Current Defects and Ramification

This session will explain the current Defects and Ramification of Data Loss Prevention in office 365 including SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange Online. It will also explain the best way of implementing Data Loss Prevention.

Without Change, There Would Be No Butterflies or Superheroes: 8 Steps to Microsoft Teams & Planner M

We all want to be quicker, more productive and collaborate rapidly on any device at any time. The good news is that our technology continues to innovate at the speed of light. The bad news is true adoption is sorely lacking, we often stick to what we know. Join Heather Newman, Microsoft MVP and Chief Marketing Officer of Content Panda, as she uses real-world use cases to provide you the blueprint for a metamorphic change in employee productivity and simple tips and tricks for using Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Planner on the go. You’ll leave this session with a clear understanding of how your employees can leverage both Microsoft Teams and Planner together with OneNote, OneDrive and SharePoint. Shazam!

How to Kick Fear and Toxicity Out of The Workplace, a Practical Guide

Fear and toxicity are words that have no place in meetings, the workplace or our lives. Everyone wants to be appreciated and respected for the contributions made to our jobs, careers, and organizations. Join Heather Newman, Microsoft MVP, Content Panda as she talks through the whys of bad workplace behavior and how to kick them out with practical examples and guidance. Attendees will learn how to identify the qualities of a fear-based workplace and how to move to a trust-based workplace. The session will dive into the lizard brain, impostor syndrome and the art of re-framing with tips and tricks to take back to your organization. Diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, and belonging starts with individuals working to identify fear and toxic behavior. This action leads to more collaboration and creativity that empowers everyone to be their best selves, as well as encourages employee’s best work and helps companies achieve their technology dreams with more velocity. Attendees will learn how to identify fear-based and toxic behavior in the workplace, how to address this behavior and how to move towards a more trust-based work environment.

Power BI Security

One of the most overlooked but the most critical aspect of Power BI implementation. We discuss the different aspects and approaches as well as best practices of Power BI Security

Cloud Adoption & Governance

To realize the benefits of cloud: the innovation, the agility and fast iteration speeds, reduced costs and efficiency, we need a plan. Otherwise we risk failures, breaches, highers costs, and will not be able to leverage the innovation that attracted us to cloud in the first place. That plan is a Cloud Adoption Framework. It is a strategy to address the challenges around initially adopting the cloud, as well as the ongoing challenges maintaining our cloud landscape as it grows and evolves. This session articulates those challenges in clear, buzzword-free language, with practical advice and real-world scenarios.

Architecting for Azure

The basic challenge of any architecture is the translation of business requirements and technical requirements into a viable architectural solution. Luckily there are few techniques that can help us achieve that. In this session we would take a look at different approaches to architecting a solution for Azure.

Speakers Bio:

Prabhat Nigam

CTO @ Golden Five Consulting | CEO at LAExUG Foundation

Prabhat is 3 times Microsoft MVP Award winner. He is MBA in Information Technology and he is working as a CTO at Golden Five Consulting which is a Microsoft Gold Partner, MSP, T1CSP, and Education partner. He helps in designing, implementing, managing and supporting solutions for private messaging cloud, mergers, a collaboration between different messaging software and other migration & deployment projects for the following technologies Office 365, Azure, AWS, Exchange, SQL, ADFS, MFA, FIM, MIM and Directory services. He has worked for all big IT giants either as an employee or contractor where he has led the Global teams. He has started his career as Technical Consultant in Exchange 5.5 with Microsoft PSS and his exchange love never stopped & continued with 2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/O365. At one point in time, he was the only person to support EDS customers when Microsoft had closed all the supports for 5.5 and now for all old legacy Exchange versions. He used to blog at, manages multiple LinkedIn and Facebook Groups. He also Owns MSExchnageGuru YouTube channel where he uploads all his records technical sessions. Don’t forget to check his PowerShell scripts which are making admins life easier. Prabhat can be reached at & | TwitterBlog | LinkedIn 

Heather Newman

CMO of Content Panda | CEO of Creative Maven

Heather is a technology entrepreneur and award-winning senior marketing professional that thrives in both startups and established corporations. She is an adept storyteller and is passionate about growth for both employees and the corporate bottom-line. Heather is the Chief Evangelist and CMO of Content Panda, a high-tech business dedicated to creating products that deliver a superior user experience that drive value to businesses. Content Panda’s family of products deliver an in-context help, training and support experience in the user interface–right where and when users need it. She is also the founder and CEO of Creative Maven, a virtual marketing consulting firm that brings c-level strategy, inspiration and creativity into marketing teams and to marketing professionals. Heather lives in California and enjoys traveling the world speaking about SharePoint and Women in Technology. You can follow her travels and writing on Twitter & Instagram – @heddanewman and as a featured writer in inspiration and self-improvement on

Email: | Twitter | LinkedIn | Blog

Suresh Datla

Practice Leader and Power BI Architect.

More than 2 decades working on Technology projects. Worked on Azure and Power BI since inception.

Email: | LinkedIn  

Jeremy Needle

Principal Cloud Technical Strategist | Email: |  LinkedIn

Muhammad Nabeel

Principal Azure Architect – HPE

Muhammad Nabeel works at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as Principal Architect. He has been developing software for last 18 years mostly working on financial applications using Microsoft Technologies. He has been working on cloud since 2010 when Azure was in Beta. Since then he has worked with Microsoft Azure, Heroku cloud and Google Cloud. At work he spends most of the time helping clients leverage the cloud by architecting solutions. Part of his job also includes working as a security architect. Architecting cloud solutions and securing cloud solutions gives a unique perspective to cloud value that he loves to share. He lives in Corona, CA with his wife and three amazing kids. In spear time he loves to read about business and strategy.

Email: | Blog

More Information:

Global Azure Bootcamp 2018 (Hollywood) | Global Azure Bootcamp | Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 – Discovering Exoplanets | Azure Day | Facebook

Event Location:

Microsoft (The Reserves)

13031 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite 200 ยท Playa Vista, California

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Prabhat Nigam

CEO @ LAEXUG Foundation