Office 365: DLP for Microsoft Teams

Data Loss Prevention is a basic protection requirement for many industries like hospital and law enforcement agencies. Data loss prevention is protecting identities and keeping your privacy private.

We all know Microsoft had started DLP with Exchange 2013 and adopted in office 365. Then SharePoint and OneDrive DLP came with DLP.

Now Microsoft released DLP for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is Microsoft Chat based collaboration application which also allows, SharePoint, outlook calendar, office online, planner and many other applications to use inside its console.

I have delivered 3 Microsoft Teams sessions in LAEXUG Foundation meetup then I reviewed Microsoft Teams book which is written by Microsoft MVP Balu Ilag and co-reviewed by Microsoft MVP Vikas Sukhija.

    Introducing Microsoft Teams: Understanding the New Chat-Based Workspace in Office 365 —

DLP in Teams, we all are wondering why Data Loss Prevention on Microsoft Teams because Microsoft Teams was not saving any data in itself.

Microsoft Team stores chat and channel messages in teams, so now Teams Chat are also protected with DLP.

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