Microsoft Teams: Competing with Slack to Slacker

Microsoft introduced beta of Microsoft Teams few years back, I started talking about it in my meetups in Los Angeles Since then Microsoft has been improving Microsoft Teams and adding great features.

We wrote a book on Teams (almost 3000 copies sold) which is available in amazon and in Apress .

We are promoting and using Microsoft Teams for our day to day collaboration with our team. We recent migrated our new customer Teams phone on their Polycom VVX201, they were super happy. We have also raised the concerns of the voicemail and other missing UM features with Microsoft.

We also heard a lot of Slack vs Teams. There are many blogs which are comparing them.

Microsoft teams has been competing with Slack from a while but it is not an easy road for Microsoft. In fact, newly merged LinkedIn didn’t adopt Microsoft Teams and still using Slack.

Matter of fact Microsoft is still improving Microsoft Teams; however, few features are still missing.

On 02/03/2020, we all faced the issue with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft product group fixed it in no time before their CEO or I can start the office 9:00 AM PST.

I shared this incident on LinkedIn here

I am sure this incident has ignited an incident report and Microsoft will look to see five whys to fix it for future. We are hoping this will never occur again.

We all have this question today, why Microsoft waited for the last minute to renew a critical certificate. How can this happen in a such a professional company like Microsoft. Is Microsoft really making 3 Trillion dollars? Or one of those days when one of the slackers forgot to do his job.

I would this is the Microsoft Teams journey from Slack to Slacker.

Let us hope for better future.

Prabhat Nigam
Global CTO @ Golden Five Consulting | CEO @ LAEXUG Foundation

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