Covid19 Offer: Office 365 E1 6 months Trial Starting 4/2

Microsoft is one of the top IT giants which has been very helpful for the community.

We are under the Covid19 Epidemic and we all are working from home except emergency workers like hospital staff, police, fire department.

Considering the situation every product manufacturer is offering one or the other offer to help the world.

Microsoft announced Office 365 E1 trial license for 6 months with Microsoft Teams so that remote workers are work using Microsoft Teams.

This offer is only available through Microsoft Partners or Microsoft FTEs

We got a customer looking for the same and we provisioned the tenant, however we could not find Office 365 E1 Trial in CSP portal.

We opened Microsoft Ticket and in parallel reached out the One Commercial Partner VP Gavriella Schuster.

We suggested how can Microsoft easily deploy it to CSP portal and reduce Microsoft team’s effort in generating a code manually for each customer.

Gavriella Schuster told us that for CSP it is coming on April 02, 2020.

However, it is available for Modern Workspace Partner like CDW.

Which is a manual process of receiving email and activating the offer.

Stay Tuned till April 02, 2020 and we will get you “Office 365 E1 Trial”

Best Regards,
Prabhat Nigam
CEO | LAEXUG Foundation || CTO | Golden Five Consulting

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