Add Google Chrome group policy to Active Directory

Today, I got a very unique requirement to push a group policy for Google Chrome which I did long time back. So 1st I searched for link to download the Google Chrome group policies. It took me sometime to hunt it so I have shared direct links below: Once download the zip file,…

The Virtual Machine is in Failed state

Today I encountered an error message which says below error. After some research I found it because I was trying to download the disk of this VM and I never revoked the access. Ran below command and the VM started normally.Revoke-AzDiskAccess -ResourceGroupName ‘ResourceGroup01’ -DiskName ‘Disk01’ Thanks and Regards,Inderjeet Singh JaggiCloud Architect – Golden Five

ADFS Upgradation

  It’s really difficult for the people to upgrade the current ADFS infrastructure to the latest one when old one is out of support.   what ADFS is and why it’s used in any organization: Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the claim-based single sign-on (SSO) solution provided by Microsoft. It facilitates access to…

Published a user\shared mailbox calendar and add it to SharePoint page or even with someone outside the organization

5. Now select Can view all details or any other option and select Publish Now open the SharePoint page and add a script editor app. Add below code to the app. I have hidden the GUID in above screenshot. <iframe src=”” height=”400px” width=”400px”></iframe> Thanks and Regards,Inderjeet Singh JaggiCloud Architect – Golden Five

After disk encryption unable to backup Virtual Machine in Azure

I recently encountered an issue that I believe is worth sharing with you. We encrypted our disk as required by PCI DSS 4.0 compliance. However, after the encryption process was completed, we started receiving an error with the code ‘UserErrorEncryptedVmNotSupportedWithDiskEx’, which indicates that ‘disk exclusion is not supported for encrypted virtual machines‘ When reviewed the…