Bug with Teams for communication credit

Think of this before migrating or Toll-Free no. to Teams for communication

If you are a Direct customer or Indirect Customer or Partner with MS in all the scenarios this is good to know before coming into a Production issue. If you thinking to move to the cloud using MS Teams Communication.

If you have subscription type NCE.

Microsoft, say you can go for Pay-as-you-go if using an NCE subscription type. But when checked in Office 365 billing there is no option and this leads us to the Production issue.

Checked so many things and found this is a BUG with MS.

What we did to Resolve this issue or you can say implement a workaround:

Purchase the Trial subscription version of the E5 License. Then you will be able to see the communication credit license add-on. Now we can simply purchase or add the Credit to the Office 365 Tenant. Now Toll-Free no. will start working as required.

Now you can uncheck or disable the Trial License as we have Communication credit added to the license and subscription.


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