How to enable Sensitivity Label for SharePoint and Teams in GCCHIGH

For Enterprise or commercial its easy to make changes on the Office 365 following up the article or PowerShell scripts defined.

But for GCChigh things are limited and on public internet things are not much published by Microsoft.

Today I will let you know how you can connect on GCCHigh PowerShell and how you can enable the AIP/MIP label for Groups and Sites.

The circled option by default is grayed out in Office 365 always whether its Enterprise/Education/GCC Microsoft Tenant.

We always have to run bunch of PowerShell commands to enable this feature.

Below are the steps how to enable this option for GCChigh Tenant:

  • Open PowerShell as admin
  • Run the below 2 PowerShell commands to install or import the module to recognize the switch or commands you going to run.

    (If old version installed then simply add -Force and it will install newer version)

    Import-Module AzureADPreview

  • Now we nee to connect to AzureADPreview using the PowerShell.

    For commercial its very easy and we can simply enter


    But in our case its GCCHigh and we have to use the below PS:

    Connect-AzureAD -AzureEnvironmentName AzureUSGovernment

  • Run this command to check.


    This cmdlet call returns all templates that are available, for example:

  • Run the same PS commands mentioned in the Microsoft Article:

    $TemplateId = (Get-AzureADDirectorySettingTemplate | where { $_.DisplayName -eq “Group.Unified” }).Id

    $Template = Get-AzureADDirectorySettingTemplate | where -Property Id -Value $TemplateId -EQ

  • $Setting = $Template.CreateDirectorySetting()
  • $Setting[“UsageGuidelinesUrl”] = “”

    $Setting[“EnableMIPLabels”] = “True”

  • New-AzureADDirectorySetting -DirectorySetting $Setting
  • $Setting.Values
  • Now we have setting value shown up in Azure and mainly EnableMIPLabels : True

Now you require to connect to S&C PowerShell as Labels are part of Compliance, Yeah S&C is migrated to Exchange online. But Microsoft still have lots of switch required is still in S&C only.

Understood it redirect to Exchange online, but in GCChigh things are different.

  • Connect-IPPSSession -ConnectionUri -AzureADAuthorizationEndpointUri
  • Run the below script to enable labels in Azure:


Now you are good to go ahead and make configuration.

Thanks, and Regards,

Harish Kumar


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