Deploy Office 2019 using MDT

Office 2019 is not a simple download and deploy.

When you download from your license center and run the setup, you find out that it is not office but office online server which is being used with Exchange on-premises to open and edit office applications in OWA.

Now you are confused, where is office 2019 setup. This is what I was concerned when my boss asked me to deploy office 2019 organization wide.

After some of my research came with a positive that we have to use MDT to deploy Microsoft Office 2019.

Here I am sharing the steps required to install Microsoft Office 2019.

Step 1: Download Office Deployment tool from the below link.

Step 2: Extract the Office Deployment tool and you will find 3 XML file.

Step 3: Right Click and open the Configuration-Office2019Enterprise XML file.

Step 4: Open the command prompt with Administrator privileges

Step 5: Go to the path (C:\Users\12\Desktop\Office) or where the ODT has been downloaded

Step 6: Run the following command

    Setup /Download Configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

Step 7: After running the command, you will find that a new folder named Office will be created where the downloading files is created.

Step 8: Once the previous command has run successfully then run the below Command

    Setup /Configure Configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

Note: Please remove Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus before running this command

After running the command, you will see that it will start installing Office 2019.

Possible error:

At times we might see the error mentioned below.

This product can’t be installed on the selected update channel

  • This is happening due to the new MDT tool update. We need to redownload MDT tool.

  • After this rerun the following commands and office 2019 installation will start.
    • Setup /Download Configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml
    • Setup /Configure Configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml
  • Now the installation should start and complete successfully.

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Suresh Selvaraj

MCSE | System Administrator Golden Five Consulting | LinkedIn

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