Golden Five Server Reboot Tool

It gives us immense pleasure to launch our first software – G5 Server reboot tool

This software has been written using XAML/WinForms for GUI and PowerShell for actual work.

Below are the features and benefits of the software:

  • G5 server reboot tool help organizations in patching, upgrades and other activities that require multiple servers to be rebooted. It can reboot the servers in parallel or in sequence.


    • You want to reboot Server1 then server 2, server 3 and so on.
    • You want to reboot Server 1, server 2 and server 3 in sequence but server4, server 5 and server 6 in parallel.
    • You want all the servers to be rebooted in parallel.
    • You want multiple sequence to be executed.
    • You want to stop and start windows services.
    • You want to schedule the reboot.
  • It will monitor the whole process and report the success/failure.


  • PowerShell 3.0 and above.
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 and above.


  • Avoid renaming any file or folder.
  • Close the tools GUI window by clicking Red X on top right else tool might be running in the background.


Download the trial version (Locked to 3 servers) of the tool from the below link:

G5 Server reboot tool


  • Launch the downloaded file G5ServerRebootTool.exe

  • After Clicking G5ServerRebootTool.exe it may open the popup. Click Run here.

  • Then the below wizard will open, click Next here.

  • Give the path to extract the software then click next and it will create a folder named G5ServerRebootTool.

Steps to Use the software

  • Click the G5ServerRebootTool.exe from the extracted folder.

  • It will open the below screen.

  • Now go to G5ServerRebootTool and open the Config Folder

  • Config Folder will have the following 3 INI files:




  • Update the INI File with your server names. (Three example INI has been shown that can be edited)

  • Click on Load Servers and select INI from the config folder.
    • RebootNormal example shows all servers to be rebooted at the same time.
    • RebootSequence example shows servers to be rebooted in sequence.
    • RebootNormalSequence example shows parallel and reboot both.

  • Click on Display log
  • Now, Reboot or schedule or stop services

  • If you hit reboot, it will start rebooting the servers based on the selected INI. (Log will be displayed in real time as shown below)
  • Once reboot is completed, the status will be shown as in screenshot.

  • This is how we can use this tool to remotely reboot multiple servers in
    Parallel or in Sequence.
  • Once you complete using the tool then please make sure to close the tools GUI window by clicking Red X on top right.


  • Launch the tool again as we want to schedule the reboots instead of running it real time.
  • On closing all the logs will be saved under the logs folder.
  • Launch again, Load servers and this time, hit schedule.

  • Select the date and time à hit OK. (format is mm/dd/yy, if you require dd/mm/yy then please contact us we will share different version)
  • Date format is important for scheduling the reboots.

  • In the Scheduled folder it will create file “G5ServerRebootTool“.
  • This will execute as per the date/time you selected. (Note:
    do not log off from the machine, it can be in disconnected state for the schedule task to run)
  • Once you see the below screen in the display log, you are good to close the tool. This is a scheduled task, so tool will not display the log rather log will be created in the G5ServerRebootToolàLogs folder.

  • Open G5ServerRebootTool folder then go to Logs, open file named like ServerRebootschedule-Log_11-25-2019_9-05AM_.log. This will show the reboot log.

Services Stop and Start

  • To execute Stop Services and Start services, we need to make sure the server name and service name are listed correctly in the ini file.

  • Here is how it looks when we stop and start the services. Some services may through an error, if they already got restarted by Microsoft Windows.

  • You can use it independently to stop services before then server reboot and start services after the server reboot. (in order to check that all services are running if not start those services)

Version 2.0

We will be adding more features based on feedback and will release free updates for customers who will buy the software. Some of the features are listed here:

  • SMTP Reporting
  • Services Restart


Pricing is mentioned below:


If you want to buy the licensed version then contact our sales team at

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